How The Blessing of a Father’s Guidance Saved One OSU Student

With Christmas fast approaching, college students from across the country are heading home to visit with friends and family over the winter break. As you sit with your nieces and nephews, children, grandchildren and treasured youth this holiday season, please consider sharing the story of Bailey Decker with them and commit to teaching, or giving a refresher course, to them on the importance of situational awareness and how to respond to a dangerous situation.

Bailey, a 20-year-old from Jeffersonville, Indiana is a third year student at the Ohio State University majoring in Material Science and Engineering. Bailey was in class on November 28th in MacQuigg Laboratory when a fire alarm went off for a chemical issue in another part of the building.

After evacuating the building, Bailey stood in the courtyard for about 20 minutes with approximately 150 other students plus faculty before firemen finished their investigation of the incident and exited the building. As they watched the firetrucks leave, Bailey discussed the incident with her fellow students and weighed her options, given there were only 15 min left in class at that point.

Since it was her only class for the day, Bailey had just herself, “Should I go back to class, or go back home?” when the attacker crashed his car into the courtyard, sending students and faculty scrambling out of the way of vehicle. Bailey was knocked to the ground by another student in the commotion, but said she watched people flying through the air in the wake of the vehicle.

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