Alabama State Lawmaker Argues Against Arming Teachers Because… Chicks, Man!!

First, there was the CNN Law Enforcement Analyst, now it’s an Alabama state lawmaker claiming teachers shouldn’t be armed because most are…. WOMEN.

Uhbuhscuse me?

According to The Hill, in an interview with Thursday, state Rep. Harry Shiver (R) let it all hang out: arguing that the state should not arm its teachers most are of the female variety.


“I’m not saying all (women), but in most schools, women are (the majority) of the teachers,” Shiver stated.

“Some of them just don’t want to (be trained to possess firearms),” he added. “If they want to, then that’s good. But most of them don’t want to learn how to shoot like that and carry a gun.”

Hi, sexists? Yeah, I’m a woman – I’m a mom, I homeschool and guess what? I carry. Just because we have boobs and a vajajay doesn’t mean we’ll shy away from firearms training or be scared to carry for self-defense and to defend others.

I’m sure some male teachers don’t want to be trained or carry either, who cares? Nobody is requiring anyone to be armed, we just want the ones willing to carry to be able to – regardless of their gender.

How about we break into the 21st century and realize that women can (and do) carry and shoot as much as our male counterparts?

LOL! Now, let’s hit the range, ladies – show these boys how it’s done.

2 thoughts on “Alabama State Lawmaker Argues Against Arming Teachers Because… Chicks, Man!!

    • It’s like riding an insane merry-go-round, Karl – I can’t get a straight answer from ANYONE (including legislative attorneys and the DOJ) on this but bottom line is, districts say no and it’s a NO GO.
      Still working on it, though, in fact I just got off the phone with Chris Cox’s office, so when I know, you’ll know!!


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