National School Walkout Inspires Teachable Moment

The National School Walkout movement and the subsequential media orgy over it has gotten completely out of hand… mostly because the insanity has found its way to our little neck of the woods.

Our district sent the following message to all parents regarding the potential for a walkout in our children’s school:


Oh, dear.

As J.D. Tuccille wrote in an article on Reason:

Today, some students, teachers, and other Americans who share their views are walking out of classes across the country to call for limits on the right of free assembly. Wait, strike that. They’re walking out of classes to call for further restrictions on protections against unreasonable search and seizure. Nope, that’s not it either. Wait, I have it: they’re protesting for greater regulation of self-defense rights. Yup, there we go.

Did these kids ever stop to ask themselves what exactly it is they’re hoping to accomplish?

NOTHING. So here was my response to our district’s message:

Good morning,
I wanted to inform you both that I have chosen to remove my child from the middle school today. I do not believe a fifth grader should be subjected to witnessing a glorified temper tantrum from her fellow students, excused or otherwise. We don’t teach our children it’s okay to walk away from their responsibilities when they disagree with adults. Would you be encouraging them to exercise their First Amendment rights if they were walking out in support of legalizing marijuana? Would parents have received the same letter if the children were planning a walkout to defund Planned Parenthood? We all know the answer is no, only when it comes to guns and our 2A rights which is completely asinine since public schools (ours included) are already gun-free zones.
When these children become adults and can change the laws they disagree with, they can do so but until that time, they are to attend school and learn about the events that lead up to the creation of the Second Amendment. It’s a shame government-funded schools and universities are allowed to spoon-feed our children a steady diet of liberal biases but it’s an even bigger shame that parents are too lazy and self-absorbed to get involved in their children’s education to combat the leftist narrative that is obviously rotting their brains.
Fortunately, we are not those types of parents. Gracie is spending today learning American History – specifically, the Revolutionary War and the founding of the new nation.


Based on the pictures coming from the event, the kids “protesting” in Washington, D.C. are very confused – not only about what the Second Amendment is but how to actually end gun violence.

Fortunately, the kids in our district had something a little more focused in mind. Our middle school principal sent this reply to my email:

Good Morning, Jenn,

Thank you for your email today and for sharing your concerns.  I hope you know that I always appreciate hearing from you and anyone whether we agree on the issues or not.  Just like with those who chose to demonstrate their First Amendment rights, I truly respect your right to keep your daughter home today.  Know that as a school, I cannot prevent a student from exercising this right, especially if a parent excuses them from classes.  While my preference would be for our students to exercise their rights and share their opinions in different ways, school officials must allow such if their parents make the request.  Fortunately at our school, my understanding is that all of the students who participated (about 21) all had permission from their parents in advance.  Each of these students were truly awesome and prayed quietly for peace.  After speaking with a few who did demonstrate today, they each told me that they participated not so much against Second Amendment rights, but instead to observe 17 minutes of silence in memory of those who lost their lives.  This made me proud.

Again, thank you Jenn.  I always appreciate hearing your concerns.  All my best to Gracie.

Admirable, however misguided.

As parents, we need to plug into our kids’ education and really challenge their thinking. I encourage my children to question everything, from the lesson being taught in the classroom to the story being told in the locker room. Gun control will NOT disarm criminals, it will only limit law-abiding citizens’ right to keep and bear arms. The Second Amendment was added into the Bill of Rights specifically to keep us a free people and ensure we always had a way of defending ourselves and our country.

Now, if you’ll please excuse me, I have a history lesson to teach.

2 thoughts on “National School Walkout Inspires Teachable Moment

  1. Why are these kids blaming you and me and the NRA for this tragedy? Why aren’t they focusing on the FBI and the county sheriffs office. They could very definitely have stopped this tragedy from happening!
    The way I see it is that the FBI was too busy to save these kids, because they were all focused on framing Trump for rigging the 2016 elections. Our so called educators spoon fed these kids into believing it was you and I, the gun makers, the NRA, etc. that are responsible for these 17 deaths……….not our cowardly and lazy law enforcement people. Sorry, if this offends anyone, but I don’t care too much for the government on any level. We old aviation people have a saying regarding the FAA Mission Statement “We’re not happy until you’re not happy”.
    Keep up your good work, Jenn!


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