When it Comes to Firearms, Being Proficient is Sexier Than Being Provocative.

It’s safe to say we’re all champions of empowering women to embrace their right to bear arms, and we fiercely support female gun ownership. I applaud the rise in female gun ownership, celebrate accomplished female shooters in the industry, and mentor young shooters like Meredith Gibson. I also encourage fellow mothers to learn how to carry ,and teach our children to shoot responsibly.

Organizations like A Girl’s Guide to Guns, The Well-Armed Woman, and A Girl & A Gun, along with shows like Love at First Shot, prove there’s no shortage of positive role models and girl-powered resources out there for new female shooters to navigate the hefty responsibility of being a responsibly armed woman.

Some of us have gone from shooting as a kid to teaching our own children and others have taken the very progressive (and impressive) journey to go from never holding a firearm to a truly accomplished gunny gal.

However, the journey of women in the firearms industry may have come full circle; from gun bunnies to female gun owners and sadly, back around again.

Bearing Arms was tagged in a Twitter post which also hash-tagged a company championed by conservative pop idol Tomi Lahren. Since I don’t follow or watch the self-proclaimed “newsanchor [sic] extraordinaire”, I Googled the Bullets and Bombshells Gun Society. I clicked on the link and an avalanche of dismay and disappointment swiftly doused my fiery notion of what women have worked so hard to avoid being portrayed as in the firearms industry.

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One thought on “When it Comes to Firearms, Being Proficient is Sexier Than Being Provocative.

  1. I read this article and I agree with what it says entirely. While I agree with the substance of Tomi Lahren’s commentaries on most subjects, I disagree with her in your face delivery methods as well as her use of foul language. I completely disagreed with her commentary denouncing this article. Thank you for posting it, Jenn. I hope Tomi takes a second look at it.


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