Couldn’t Make it to SHOT? No Worries -Here’s My Recap From This Year’s Show!

Well, well, well; another January, another SHOT Show and let me tell you, this year was exceptional! Most notably, the show was crawling with women and I mean actual women of the industry; female shooters, TV hosts, journalists, firearms industry employees, organization members and not a gun bunny in sight! Plus, it doesn’t hurt that I got to check out some pretty cool stuff and catch up with some exceptionally cool people.

Now let me preface this article by saying yes; I have totally sucked at social media over the past eight months, for reasons you all understand, but I realized at SHOT that I take time to connect with people in the 50-75 seconds they’re in front of me rather than pose for a selfie with them. I’m hoping that by next year, I’ll be able to afford a grunt to follow me around and snap pics for all y’all, but once again, I can’t apologize for putting people above posts.

That being said, I did get a few cool snaps, so scroll down below to check those out.

I was thrilled to be asked once again to attend a meet and greet at the Project ChildSafe Booth – thankfully an actual meet and greet this year as opposed to last year’s autograph sesh (can we talk about how awkward I am giving people autographs?!). The ladies were terrific and we drew an amazing crowd. THREE CHEERS for NSSF’s Project ChildSafe!!

ANYWHO… some BIG NEWS from my friends at Brownells!! 79 years in the making, Brownells announced they aren’t just the best place to buy gun parts and accessories, but now – they’re selling they’re own line of firearms: starting with these awesome retro AR-15 rifles.

Brownells’ newly-created Retro RiflesTM line features four 5.56mm variants and two .308/7.62 variants. The 5.56mm models feature the correct styling for rifles issued to GIs in the 1960s. The .308/7.62 models reflect the lightweight styling of Eugene Stoner’s original AR-10 design.

Seriously cool.

I also had the extreme pleasure of shooting the Tracking Point system at Range Day. I have to admit, this thing looked intimidating, but once Blake sat me down and took me through the system, it was all downwind from there!

The TrackingPoint System enables shooters of any ability to hit exactly where he or she means to, with pinpoint accuracy, every time.

This Precision-Guided Firearm (PGF) is a comprehensive, purpose-built weapon system that leverages the same tracking and fire-control technology found in advanced fighter jets. The TrackingPoint PGF system is the first and only rifle optics system to offer the advanced technology that guides the release of ordnance. Known as TriggerLink, this fire control system virtually eliminates human error caused by misaiming, mistiming and central nervous system jitter.

It’s easy: just pull the trigger halfway to tag your target, then continue squeezing it to produce a reticle. Once the reticle is zeroed in on the dot (or ‘tag’), the rifle compensates for wind speed, distance and voila – you hit your mark!

Check it out – here’s my shot:

And here’s the video:

Cool, right?!

The other very cool gun I got to shoot at Range Day that I’ve been lusting after for weeks is the Walther PPQ SQ. The PPQ M2 is my jam, it’s what I shot at the NSSF 3-Gun Fantasy Camp last April and it handles like a dream. So when I heard Walther was making it in a sub-compact, I pretty much ran to their booth at SHOT Show.


Signature ergonomics and smooth single-action triggers are cornerstones of the award winning PPQ platform. The PPQ SC provides all the features from the Legendary PPQ line in a smaller package. Accuracy and concealability are perfectly meshed together in this quality self-defense handgun. The PPQ Sub-Compact is extremely comfortable and controllable thanks to the superior ergonomics and customizable fit of the included interchangeable back straps.

The PPQ SQ fit my hand well and it shot very smooth – ran two magazines through it and could not miss the target. For comparison, it rivals my 9MM S&W Shield, which is my everyday carry. It’s low-profile and comfortable grip makes it a great choice for anyone looking for a new EDC or sub-compact handgun to add to their arsenal.

I also had a great talk with Lenny and Tammy Magill with UnderTech UnderCover and The Glock Store. I’ve been a HUGE fan of and an outspoken (self-imposed) brand ambassador of their top-notch clothing – their leggings and executive tee being my absolute favorites!

It was great to catch up with them and check out their new colors of leggings (berry is so amazing!), the high quality of their thigh-high holster shorts and try on their new vests and jackets – PERFECT for concealed carriers like me up here in the Frozen Tundra!


With so many things to see and people to hug, I have to say, my fifth year attending the SHOT Show was a great time finally coming into my own – slowing down to catch up with the who’s who of the industry, making time to see old friends & making new ones and having lots of great opportunities on the horizon!

I’m looking forward to bringing you new products from 5-11 coming out this fall, heading down to Tennessee this summer to shoot some majorly cool guns with my friends at Barrett, taking part in a low-light shoot with USCCA & Into the Fray’s (not to mention Wisconsin’s very own) Kevin Michalowski this March and heading back down to Brownell’s to film some super cool videos for you guys very soon!

Here are some super cool people I did manage to get pictures taken with:


Still need more?! Fine: here’s my Facebook Live video unpacking it all for ya!

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