Five Unexpected Ways Embracing The Right to Bear Arms Can Improve Women’s Lives

At some point in history, feminism became a distorted crusade intent on shaming women who choose to take their personal protection plan to the next level by carrying a firearm. Treating gun ownership as if it’s some perverse or twisted belief, today’s feminists take great joy in throwing stones at women who choose to shoot bullets rather than wet themselves, blow a whistle, or cower at the sight of an attacker.

With millions of women already living with the knowledge that crime knows no limits, why would anyone choose to be unprepared to fight back against an attacker? Whether you arm yourself with situational awareness, mace, a knife or a firearm (or all the above), you don’t know when or where a possible assault may occur, but you can take simple steps to ensure that if it happens, you’ll be able to effectively defend yourself if not avoid an altercation altogether.

But being prepared is only one part of it. An overwhelming majority of women who choose to embrace their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms find that not only does carrying a firearm bolster their personal protection plan, but it also leads to some positive changes throughout their lives. Becoming a gun owner and/or carrying a firearm for self-defense isn’t a singular action, it’s a lifestyle that often sets off a ripple effect most women never expected.

Here are five ways embracing your second amendment right can improve your life as a whole:

1 Women who have a personal protection plan become more outgoing

With national organizations like The Well-Armed Women and A Girl and A Gun, there is no shortage of available mentors for women interested in becoming proficient with a firearm. Women who join their local gun range report feeling strong, empowered, confident, and often find a tight camaraderie in their fellow female shooters.

What’s even better is that women who have a strong personal protection plan tend to participate in more activities that others may feel intimidated by or shy away from. Attending a late-evening lecture, participating in a book club after work, grocery shopping after dark – tasks that were previously avoided (for good reason) are performed confidently when paranoia is replaced by preparedness.

2 Moms who own firearms arm their children with critical safety awareness, essential life skills, and respect for firearms

The National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Project ChildSafe has donated more than 37 million child safety locks through local law enforcement agencies across the nation. These locks are free of charge and keep firearms secure until children are old enough to learn about them.

In a Time article on firearms education in American schools in 1956, the National Rifle Association declared, “The earlier a kid learns to respect a gun and what not to do with it the better chance natural curiosity won’t get him in trouble.”

That still rings true today. Since it’s inception in 1988, the NRA’s Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Program has equipped more than 30 million children with the knowledge of what to do if they come across a firearm: Stop, Don’t Touch, Run Away, and Tell an Adult. The program’s 26,000 educators, law enforcement agencies, and civic organizations have undoubtedly saved thousands if not millions of children and families from unnecessary tragedy.

But it doesn’t stop there. Children who grow up respecting the tradition of hunting and shooting sports with their parents form a strong bond and deep appreciation of not only the memories but for the future opportunities it now affords them. Harvesting food in the wild, being a part of a skeet or pistol team, knowing they could effectively defend themselves if need be all contribute to the development of a healthy self-esteem and confidence that can help enormously, especially through the teenage years.

3 Attending training programs leads to additional safety practices which puts women in one heck of a high-caliber group

Once women start attending firearm-training courses, they start to realize that other areas of their lives may need a little attention as well. One of the things you learn in any good self-defense class is that you do not want to go through life unaware of potential threats, and once you lift your head and put it on a swivel, as we say, you start to notice just how vulnerable you really are.

Ensuring your home is properly secure, positioning yourself in the office to be able to see the door and be able to scan the floor, parking under a street or parking lot lamppost closest to the entry of a building, and choosing common options which allow for the right to carry firearms is just part of this lifestyle. Carrying a firearm is not just about self-defense on the go, it’s about personal protection at home, on the road and in defense of others.

And all those little changes contribute to your overall existence. In fact, concealed carry permit holders are the most law-abiding citizens in America!

“We find that permit holders are convicted of misdemeanors and felonies at less than a sixth the rate for police officers,” the report says. “Among police, firearms violations occur at a rate of 16.5 per 100,000 officers. Among permit holders in Florida and Texas, the rate is only 2.4 per 100,000.10. That is just one-seventh of the rate for police officers.”

Crime Prevention Research Center President John Lott, a noted economist, said the finding is not surprising considering the rigorous process it takes to get a concealed-carry permit.

“The type of person that would go through the process, one in which you can often lose the license for fairly trivial offenses,” Lott told The Daily Signal in a phone interview. “They are reluctant to use the guns in a wrong way because they have a lot to lose if they do something wrong.”

4 Becoming a gun owner is often a gateway to political activism in favor of Second Amendment and other Constitutional rights

In one of our many conversations discussing the rise in female gun owners, Chris Cox, Executive Director for the NRA-ILA, once said, “Don’t buy the gun and lose the right to carry it.”

As usual, he was right.

Once you become a gun owner, and potentially a concealed carry permit holder, you’ll become more interested in the laws that limit the right to carry your firearm. Being involved in politics, both locally and nationally is our duty as Americans and for many citizens, becoming a gun owner is the gateway to becoming politically active.

Think I’m kidding? Take a concealed carry class like this one from FPF Training or read The Law of Self Defense by Andrew Branca. You’ll quickly be outraged at the audacity of how infringements on our Second Amendment rights target YOU: the law-abiding citizen.

5 Being confident and owning your personal protection plan looks good on you

You know it’s true, being confident in yourself, including your personal protection plan, makes you exude strength and that, my friends, is visible. What’s even better is knowing that confidence stays with you; on the job, on the road, at home, and in society – and it shows!

Women who are strong and self-assured are more attractive – to other women, men, employers, peers – and that can help you exponentially. Plus, championing a cause and being an outspoken proponent shows you’re a leader and being open to mentor more women into developing their personal protection plan, you stand out from the crowd.

My Two Cents: Allowing yourself to bolster your personal protection plan with a firearm will lead to some unexpected and overwhelmingly positive changes you may not have considered.

Carrying a gun for self-defense isn’t just another daily task women can add to their routine, it becomes a lifestyle change in many aspects of a woman’s complex personality. Arming your children with the knowledge of how to be safe around firearms, opening yourself to meeting new people, becoming one of the most law-abiding citizens in America, exuding confidence, embracing your civic duty of political advocacy, and allowing yourself to do things you may have shied away from previously now that you know you can effectively defend yourself in any situation are just a few of the ways embracing your second amendment right can improve your life as a whole.

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