Championing the Right to Life Does Not Make You “Anti-Choice”

It’s all about choice, right?

When it comes to the argument in favor of abortion, the driving narrative seems to be that the pro-life agenda is “anti-choice”.

Hold up – if that’s true, doesn’t that apply to them?

It does. Here’s how:
The pro-life agenda uses tactics of what I consider are common sense truths. Pushes for women to receive and view an ultrasound of their unborn child before proceeding with an abortion that will stop a beating heart, for instance.

Let’s just say it’s actually all about transparency and truth.

Even before I became pregnant (which was in and of itself a miracle and a story for another time), I was pro-life. Even after I was swiftly booted from my family for not being married and viciously attacked by the child’s sperm donor (my affectionate name for the deadbeat), abortion was never an option.

But if you’ve ever seen the ultrasound screen flash alive with the image of a precious little baby, you know that it’s a transformative experience capable of changing the hearts and minds of nervous young women and even the most hardened of cynics. When I heard that little heartbeat whoosh and pump through the speakers as I watched this beautiful new being flex its little arms and purse its sweet lips, I knew: this was a choice that had already been made.

Even after, at 19 weeks, when I began to experience pain and hemorrhaging and was told ‘you can just get a simple abortion’ to take care of the complete placenta previa, it was not a choice for me to make. Simply staying in bed and resting for 7 weeks until an amniocentesis deemed it necessary to take him via emergency c-section cured the issue because, as many people are unaware, there is absolutely no condition that requires an abortion to save a woman’s life. Period.

Look, I’m all for your right to choose what you want to do with your body – get a lip ring, pierce your nipples, tattoo “not my president” on your ribcage, wear an enormous vagina hat on your head, GO NUTS – but the bottom line is: abortion is making a choice for another human being.

Now, Liberals are always crying ‘keep the GOP out of my uterus’, but what about the unborn children? What choice do they have in this matter? When a woman chooses to end an innocent life, they themselves are being anti-choice by denying another human being the right to choose for themselves.


My two cents: abortion is selfish, adoption is selfless. Being pro-abortion is the most anti-choice close-minded things you can be in this day and age. Abortion is savage, it’s cruel and stops a beating heart. Pro-life isn’t our choice, it’s our humanity.

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