WHAT SAY YOU: Can Americans Trust The Press?

Is the press trustworthy? Can we believe what reporters and journalists tell us?

Judith Miller, Pulitzer Prize-winning former reporter for the New York Times, explains why Americans’ trust in the news media has fallen, and why that matters.

2 thoughts on “WHAT SAY YOU: Can Americans Trust The Press?

  1. I do not trust the press – I stopped taking the local liberal rag (The Birmingham News) a couple of years ago and I no longer watch any News Broadcast.


  2. I have not trusted MSM since 1962. Yes, 1962. That’s when I left small town Wisconsin and got a job in Chicago. The TV evening news was so biased favoring Dickie Daily and his Democrat machine that I just didn’t watch Chicago news stations anymore. The 5 years I worked in Chicago were the worst years of my life.


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