Moms Who Don’t Scrapbook Are Still Awesome

I don’t scrapbook…. scratch that: I don’t even have time to print my kids’ photographs much less fart around with scrapbooking said photos.

Before Christmas vacation (yes, I said Christmas) last year, I printed 1600 photos on because I didn’t have a physical picture of my 8-year-old daughter in her photo album past six months of age.

Guess what? The photos are still sitting in a box in the corner of my bedroom. To be honest, I haven’t even bought photo albums to put them in. In August, I spent over an hour in Hobby Lobby looking for photo albums only to discover they have aisle after aisle of scrapbooking supplies but no big photo albums like I need to complete this overwhelming project.

Sad? Yes. A reality for many moms today? Hell to the yes.

That’s why this video from Chatbooks is so funny – it’s relatable and brings our ‘normal mom’ frustration with trying to keep up with our growing children and their photographs to life.

My two cents: Work smarter, not harder. I will definitely be visiting (along with Amazon!!) to order them as Christmas gifts this year!! Kudos to them for making life for everyday moms like me just a little easier. (Oh, and you’re welcome, grandparents – now get off my case.)

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