Family Album

I can’t be the only one out there.

Somehow, with the popularity of digital pictures and online photo albums, not to mention a hectic life leaving me with a gross lack of time, I haven’t printed any pictures since Gracie was about six months old!

I’m embarrassed to say that was eight years ago.

So our biggest Christmas vacation project to date has been decided: filling the kids’ photo albums and creating a new family album for me.

Challenge number one was finding all the pictures I knew I had taken but couldn’t find. I’ve already printed 1133 pictures using Walmart’s online photo center and they’ve come in two hard boxes!

Challenge number two was putting them in order, or rather trying to remember the order they should go in.

Challenge number three was then identifying the gaps in time my first order found.

Challenge four was finding pictures from the gaps of time. (two old computers and one call to my mother, but I got it done)

I’m currently dealing with challenge five, which is uploading additional pictures and ordering more prints to be delivered for the project before I decide on what kind of album I want to put them in.

I have to say, the Walmart online photo center is pretty neat: you can upload pictures from Facebook, Instagram, and the editing tools on the site are user-friendly and easy to navigate.

My only problem now is affording all the adorable pictures I’ve dug up of all these beautiful kids!

My two cents: don’t rely on your digital albums to hold all your precious memories. Kids like to look through their photo albums and leaf through the pages as we tell them the stories behind the pictures.

Plus, it really is fun to put these memories together!

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