THIS is the Most Important Question About Abortion

Is abortion right or wrong?

It’s the big question that’s lost in a societal debate that’s mostly focused on legality, but in reality, whether it’s right or wrong is the most important question about abortion.

One thought on “THIS is the Most Important Question About Abortion

  1. The simple fact for me, is that, this is a human life, innocent human life. I believe that it is murder to kill that child, it is unable to defend itself, it is unable to reason with the person doing the killing. Morally it is wrong to kill an innocent life that did not ask to be where it is, and even in the case of rape or incest, you punish the innocent while the guilty spend a few years in prison or not depending on the judge. Meanwhile, the child has been killed. We talk about choice, OK, the woman made a choice when she had unprotected sex, so you murder the child because it is inconvient, that is not the way to end this, give the child up for adoption, allow it to have a life.


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