Finally: a Practical Surge Protector

Ever get annoyed when your Mac plug takes up too much room on your surge protector? Think it’s silly you can’t plug USB port in to quickly and painlessly charge your electronics?

Finally, there’s a solution: the modular surge protector from The Grommet!

According to their website:

The CUSTOM POWER STACK is a modular outlet surge protector that you make into precisely the right size.

Snap modules together to charge and protect exactly the number—and type—of devices you have. Simply add or remove modules depending on how many devices you need to charge.

You start with a power base that has three or more outlet modules and an additional end connector piece. Add different modules to it—from circuit breakers to USB chargers and even Ethernet adapters.

Each module type is color coded to make it easy to identify. They all have enough surface area so you can fill up the whole strip and your devices won’t have to compete for space.

Smart, right?!

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