Sandy Hook Promise Releases PSA Video Showing “Warning Signs” of Gun Violence

A video released by the group Sandy Hook Promise is their latest call to address what they feel is the underlying issue driving gun violence:guns… or bullying… or maybe boredom, it’s not entirely clear.

“The ‘Know the Signs’ campaign has been our mission at Sandy Hook Promise for a number of years now. We believe that gun violence is preventable when you know the signs, when you know what to look for,” Nicole Hockley, the co-founder of Sandy Hook Promise, a national gun violence prevention organization, told ABC News.

The video shows ‘Evan’, a high school student counting down the days until summer vacation, carves ‘I’m bored’ on a library table and ends up having a conversation with an unknown student. Before getting the chance to connect with his unknown pen pal, Evan is on hand when another student enters the school with a long rifle.

“I just want people to watch this video, it is a compelling video I want them to know that there are actions that they can take in their own community, in their own family, to make a difference. All the training we provide is completely free. We just want to save lives.” Hockley added.

While I would never begrudge anyone working to end gun violence, I do question the method in which the Sandy Hook Promise is attempting to do it.

The child in this video obviously has issues that go deeper than access to a tool. Was it bullying, mental health issues or boredom that drove him to attempt to shoot up his school? The video doesn’t make that clear.

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