This Is 40

Who the hell looks forward to their 40th birthday!?


Today is my fortieth birthday, guys. So what’s the big deal about 40 anyway?

Everyone from Oprah to Huffpo and Forbes to Life Hack have scrambled to feed into the hysteria that we need to be guided through this monumental birthday, or be left behind in a rocking chair, our white hair pulled back into a soft bun. Gumming our dinner. Knitting a scarf, waiting for that special someone that just never comes. (setting a reminder to call grandma)

Here’s the thing: as I see it, the beauty of turning forty is that I no longer look to Google to get me through things, I look to God. Not to mention, this birthday, a momentous occasion I’ll give you, isn’t something I feel I need to get through, I’m thoroughly enjoying it!

I have finally hit my groove. I don’t look to others for their approval. I accept who I am, the good and the bad. I’m realistically optimistic. I’ve eliminated the drama from my life. I listen twice as much as I speak. I treasure family, friendships, and opportunities. I learn from my mistakes. I am quick to dismiss nonsense. I stand up for myself and my convictions. I give freely. I can convey my point of view respectfully, intelligently, and effectively. I’m comfortable in my own skin. I let things go. I absolutely adore making people laugh. Better yet, I can laugh at myself! I spend free time doing what I want to, not what others want me to. I can (and do) say no. I take constructive criticism. I freely share my wisdom with others. I know when to ask for help…. and I ask for help when I need it. I say, ‘I’m sorry’, ‘I love you’, and ‘I’m here for you’ often and I back it up with my actions. I know who my true friends are. I don’t stress out over trivial things. I cherish my children and tell them every day how much they mean to me. I embrace my flaws. I test boundaries. I’m comfortable stepping outside my comfort zone. I stay hydrated when I have a drink (or two). I know what I want. I know what I don’t want. I go to bed early. I get up even earlier. I never stop learning. I am always up for a challenge. I like to try new things. I eat healthy, exercise, and enjoy everything in moderation.

Now I ask you, where is the downside to any of that?!

So let them say 40 is ‘Over the Hill’. I say “Hell yeah, I’m over the preverbal hill! I can finally coast instead of clawing and climbing my way up! See you at the bottom, bitches!!”

My two cents: 40 is a number. Life is a journey. And this gal is just getting started.


2 thoughts on “This Is 40

  1. Congratulations Jenn. You are correct, you are over the hill, you have reached the top, at least of this hill, you choose whether to climb another, but you now can navigate the coast to the valley with confidence and strength. Enjoy each day as time and life is precious. The numbers don’t matter, just your smile and your heart.


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