Oregon Welcomes You (And Reserves The Right to Confiscate Your Guns)

The unconstitutional infringement on citizens’ right to keep and bear arms has reached a whole new level in the Beaver State.
In August, Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed a so-called “gun confiscation” legislation into law, giving the state a free pass to confiscate citizens’ firearms. Senate Bill 719, one of the most controversial bills ever passed by the Oregon Legislature, quickly drew national attention and criticism from both sides of the gun control debate.

Silence is Consent called the law “an unprecedented move of ruthless tyranny” and declared “Oregon is no longer a free state”.

Even Oregon Live admits that the confiscation claims are true:

So: What does this new law really do? Is it really a gun confiscation law? Here we give the low-down on Senate Bill 719 and extreme risk protection orders.

Short answer: Yes.

Check it out:

One thought on “Oregon Welcomes You (And Reserves The Right to Confiscate Your Guns)

  1. I lived in Portland, Oregon, from May, 1967 to May, 1969. Even back then, it was a horrible place to live! It’s such a beautiful state, but the people there were not real nice folks. The one senator was a real jerk. I met and talked with him one time. He was a Democrat, and that explains a lot! He was from Verona, WI, yours and my home state, Jenn. I can’t remember his name, I guess because I disliked him so much.


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