WHAT DO YOU THINK: Is America’s Tax System Fair?

Is the U.S. tax system fair? Are the rich paying too little or too much? What about the middle and lower class?

New York Times bestselling author Amity Shlaes answers these questions and offers a tax solution that most Americans could get on board with.

2 thoughts on “WHAT DO YOU THINK: Is America’s Tax System Fair?

  1. No it is not fair. The Constitution clearly says all direct taxation must be done by apportionment. Our current tax system is illegal. If the tax burden was applied lawfully, and withholding (also illegal) was done away with, our reps would not be getting re-elected. I also firmly believe that the fastest way to fix government is to not let anyone receiving any government benefits vote, until they have been off the government dole for a calendar year. If the people footing the bill were the only ones allowed to vote, things would change in a hurry.


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