Ohio Woman Starts Furniture Company to Fill Concealed Carry Niche

Secret Compartments Furniture owner Jill Herro says when she took a concealed carry class eight years ago, she wanted a way to store her firearms around her home in a practical, safe and fashionable way.

“When I looked online for some way to store my gun around the home, there was just nothing,” Herro told me. “I mean, we’re talking 7-8 years ago, so there wasn’t anyone doing this sort of thing at that time.”

Herro says about six months later, she was laid off from her job in the pharmaceutical industry. That’s when she realized there was a huge opportunity for her to fill the concealed carry niche in home furniture.

“I just happen to live in an area with the largest Amish populations and realized that with the number of amazing Amish furniture builders here in Ohio, I had the opportunity to make a line of functional concealed carry furniture that would be second to none in quality.”

And that’s exactly what she did.

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