Despite Predictions, Black Friday Produced Record-Breaking Gun Sales


Media be damned, last Friday’s gun sales exceeded all expectations – retailers included.

Despite grim warnings in the weeks leading up to Black Friday, the FBI is reporting their National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) processed 185,713 total background checks on firearm purchase this year. That’s more background checks run on a single day since the system was launched almost two decades ago.

From major retailers to local stores, the firearms industry as a whole is reporting record-breaking numbers from Black Friday.

“Black Friday sales on guns, gun accessories and ammunition were the strongest we’ve seen in our 77-year history,” said Ryan Repp, Brownells’ Communications Manager. “Sales started off first thing Thanksgiving morning, actually, and continued at a record pace through Cyber Monday.”

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4 thoughts on “Despite Predictions, Black Friday Produced Record-Breaking Gun Sales

  1. This is very worrying. Record gun sales are nothing to celebrate. What’s going on? Is our society going to be whoever has the most guns survive? That’s a jungle. That’s not a civilized society. Freedom doesn’t come from guns. If that was the case, the Europeans would have been slaves. They are freer than us. And they’re also free from the fear of getting shot. All of you gun lovers, you will have a lot to explain to your maker, for facilitating the more than 30,000 gun killings yearly and more than 75,000 injuries.


    • Thank you for your comment, Bob. What’s going on here is the reporting on the sale of legal goods protected by the Second Amendment. Do you complain when auto manufacturers report on car sales? Those instruments were responsible for 38,300 deaths and 4.4 million serious injuries on U.S. roads, which made 2015 the deadliest driving year since 2008.
      And driving a car is a privilege, not a right in America!
      If you love Europe so much, you have the freedom to leave this country and become a European. As an American, I will continue to own guns which I will use to harvest meat to feed my family and hopefully will never have to use to defend my own life or the lives of my family or fellow citizens – either of which I will proudly explain to my maker.
      God bless!


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