Main Stream Media Working to Twist Post-Election Gun Sale Data

This morning, Fortune ran a story outlining their reasons “Why Gun Shops Probably Won’t Set a Black Friday Sales Record“, but the article ends with the following quote:

“Some categories might be light,” said Kellie Weeks, owner of Georgia Gun Store in Gainesville, Georgia. “But in general, sales through Black Friday and Christmas, I still think will be very strong.”

The New York Post published the article “Trump Win Sinks Gun Stocks and Gun Shop Sales” this morning as well, beginning with the snide remark, “owners of Smith & Wesson stock who voted for Donald Trump must feel like they shot themselves in the foot”.
The article even attempts to highlight how gun store owners are feeling pain from the fallout by sharing a personal experience from Dave Larsen, sales manager of Doug’s Shoot’n Sports in Salt Lake City, UT.

“I did have one gentleman order a gun from me on Tuesday, and then after the election results came in he called me and said, ‘Dave, let’s cancel that order,’” Larsen said. “I asked him point blank, ‘Is this because Donald won?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, kind of.’ ”

But Larsen said the customer actually decided to keep the gun, so what was the point of sharing the story in the first place?

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2 thoughts on “Main Stream Media Working to Twist Post-Election Gun Sale Data

  1. I’d say the exception is California. Trump or no Trump, the laws that are about to take effect in CA have people scrambling to get the gun they’ve only been thinking about until now, and stock up on ammo. I myself just bought a new Smith & Wesson piece that won’t be available to me after Jan 1.


    • Absolutely, I know I’m going to be watching the number of background checks the FBI reports for November and December in CA. Will be interesting to see just how much the election will spike gun sales.


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