Florida Mom Livid After Her Child Learns Gun Safety From the NRA at School

One Florida mom is livid after her child was taught a valuable, potentially life-saving lesson in his school.

The Jacksonville parent, who is choosing to remain anonymous, claims Mandarin Oaks Elementary and the National Rifle Association’s gun safety program Eddie Eagle are responsible for informing her 7-year-old son that the message she’s been proclaiming all these years is wrong.

“’Mommy, you’re wrong. Toy guns are okay. See, guns are okay, mom. See? It says so right here’,” the mother said her son told her.

“They’ve just undone seven years of parenting in one hour,” the mother told reporters.

Preaching to your child that ‘guns are bad’ isn’t going to keep them safe. Taking the curiosity factor away from children and providing them with a practical plan of what to do if they should ever come across one is just good parenting.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: In a world where liberals and progressives are working to push courses about drugs and alcohol and advocating sexual education and LGBT children’s books into schools, along with a host of other issues they choose to champion, gun safety should be at the top of the list if they are truly looking to end accidental deaths and gun violence in America.

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