5-year-old Girl Suspended for Bringing Plastic Bubble Gun to School — Bearing Arms

A 5-year-old kindergarten student at Southeast Elementary in Brighton, CO was suspended from school after she brought a *gun onto school grounds.

*a clear, plastic princess bubble-blowing gun


The young girl’s mother said she had no idea the little girl took the toy in her backpack with her to school Monday morning. “I apologized right away and…

via Bearing Arms

2 thoughts on “5-year-old Girl Suspended for Bringing Plastic Bubble Gun to School — Bearing Arms

  1. This is rediculous …. My 3 year old loves her bubble gun and would love to show it off to her friends any chance she gets…. But she also knows that daddy’s guns are off limits and no gun is ever abused in an unsafe manner. The problem with this is that there is no “bubble gun” in the world that can be used in an unsafe manner. Unless you’re alergic to bubbles that is! LMAO Colorado liberals ! Take that with a grain of salt because I have a lot of friends living in Colorado and they have more common sense than this….. Unfortunately Colorado has suffered a lot of loss and pain and agony over losing loved ones to gun violence dating back to columbine ….. And my heart goes out to those families….. But come on,,, a bubble gun! the conscience for this will her this girls worse than if they just let it go.


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