Jenn Jacques Unveiled: Part 1

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 8.55.56 AM

We all wonder where some of these firearm bloggers get their start. Some start because they have done well in a certain shooting discipline and have tips to share, others because they are on a their own quest to learn, some to give new information on products and there are those that write to continue the fight and keep the Second Amendment alive and in our hearts. Jenn Jacques does this and much, much more.

Born and raised in northern rural Wisconsin she grew into an avid outdoors woman, target and skeet shooter. Her fiery passion for the Second Amendment and her voice as a concealed carry advocate have kept her active in WI politics and a frequent guest on NRA’s own Cam&Co. She’s co-founded Truth File and Guns and Curves and currently writes for BearingArms.

Over at NRABlog, we dig her articles, her commentating and we wanted to get to know the girl behind the keyboard. In this three part series we dive into Jenn’s background in guns, her voice for the Second Amendment and how her family fits into all of this.


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