Sometimes it’s the little things 

Immediate correction: it is always the little things that matter most!

So today was just a crazy story of chance, mailers, bank holidays, Wisconsin cheese, and appreciating being in the right place at the right time.

The Hubbalicious and I were running errands this morning; grabbing a cappuccino at Kwik Trip, picking up prescriptions at Walgreens, picking up grapes for our little one, just everyday stuff. We were also very much looking forward to closing out accounts with Associated Bank this morning (sorry Aaron Rodgers, we’re not millionaires and they are killing our small business with their fees) but when we drove past, we realized they were closed for Veteran’s Day.

So we finished up our errands and started on our way home. John happened to comment that we had a check with us we had intended on depositing into our new bank in town just as we happened to be passing by a local credit union. Seeing the logo on their sign, I said, “Hey, that’s the credit union who sent me that pre-approval letter on refinancing my vehicle!”

Into the lot we went! Per usual, I disarmed myself, but noticed it wasn’t posted with a no firearms sign. I inquired about their concealed carrying policy and we got started with an associate to discuss accounts. Extremely long story short, we ended up transferring all of our accounts over from big Ass Bank to this wonderful little credit union. They offer all the things we utilize and need, don’t charge insane big bank rates for any of them, and very much frown on charging their customers/members fees as well.

In one short afternoon, a chance opportunity not only got my checking and savings account out of the expensive grip of big Ass Bank’s grip, but also my auto loan refinanced. They even got me 90 days until my first payment and a 1% cash back bonus! I told our loan officer Emily how awesome it was that we just happened to come in today, I truly appreciated all she had done and was thankful we had decided to stop in!

After running home and finishing up some housework (actual work) and eating lunch, I had to head back into town to drop off a few financial documents with Emily and to pick up a bag of Glutino GF Pretzel Twists at Festival for my daughter. Upon entering my local store, I saw a HUGE Wiscahnsin cheese display (not a rare sight but nonetheless spectacular) in the area usually reserved for produce.

Reflecting on my good fortune of the day, I decided to take advantage of this wonderfully amazing display, not only picking out a few interesting new types of cheeses, but continuing on to the wine department and choosing six new bottles of wine. (PRO TIP: At Festival Foods, if you buy six bottles of wine, you get 10% off each bottle)

After returning home, I was immediately thrust back into “Mom-mode”: cleaning, cooking, homework, chauffeuring, nursing, and counseling the children through the school night. It never ceases to amaze me, no matter what I may accomplish on any given day: red carpets, nailing a huge purchase order, filming a tv pilot, or refinancing an auto loan…none of it matters if my family isn’t happy.

So when the dust settled and the children were finally quieted, my husband and I sat down in the family room for a moment of peace to reflect on our chaotic day.

In the whole scheme of things, it’s the little things – the tiny treasures in every day that make me smile. Enjoying a glass of wine and a good charcuterie board with my husband knowing my children are upstairs safe and sound in their beds, I know that these moments are truly the ones worth cherishing.

My two cents: so many people wait for a big occasion to celebrate. If people were more like me, regardless of whether its my Wisconsin heritage or Belgian blood, but willing to crack open a bottle of wine, snuggle my loved ones, and just be thankful for the good fortune of a random Wednesday – maybe the world would be a little happier place. I know that at this moment, as the wind howls outside with the lightning and the rain, all of my loved ones are in my warm little home with me. And that little thing to some people is a very big deal to me…and certainly worth celebrating!

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