Shannon Watts’ Attempt to Politicize Ohio State Incident Fails Spectacularly

Oh gun control harpies, what would a would-be-tragedy be without you?

Rather than waiting for details on the Ohio State University incident, founder/mouthpiece for Moms Demand Action Shannon Watts pounced at the opportunity to on social media this morning after receiving a Buckeye Alert of an active shooter on campus:
screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-12-47-33-pmWait, can we pray to God now if it’s a suspected shooting? I thought we weren’t supposed to offer prayers in these situations, but I don’t know who’s updating the playbook, can we get a ruling on this?!
Apparently, Watts also remembered this lesson following the act of domestic terrorism in San Bernardino almost one year ago and put up a new tweet four minutes later.
screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-12-46-24-pmUm, just who exactly is giving “dangerous people guns” in America? Also, I would love it if the collective “we” would trust students to defend themselves – that’s called campus carry. And if Watts doesn’t think students should be left defenseless, then I suggest she get behind it.

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7 thoughts on “Shannon Watts’ Attempt to Politicize Ohio State Incident Fails Spectacularly

  1. If “Other nations protect their students” they are doing a shitty job and perhaps they too need to ask their “students to defend themselves” as well. (

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize these types of decentralized/distributed attacks can’t be eliminated by LEAs (40 cops on one block and still an active killer decides to pop off –

    If this can’t be stopped at a global level – where most of the other countries are disarmed – then the only rational response is to give the actual first responders (the innocent people on the scene) the opportunity to stop the violence with counterviolence.

    You know, just like the bad guys are stopped all the time – by good guys – usually with guns.


  2. Too often it’s “somebody’s” fault. Rarely the perpetrators or heaven forbid a terrorist. Another do something heard from without a whit of sense about vigilance or self protection.


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